i-PRF in Valmiera


Injectable platelet rich fibrin or (iPRF) is a unique rejuvenation technique that uses the patient’s own blood plasma, enriched with platelets (source of healing proteins and growth factors), fibrin (the wound healing and regeneration matrix) and stem cells (the conductors of our body’s own healing and regeneration molecules).

This product is injected, resulting in activation of accelerated healing and regeneration.  As a result, the body’s own powerful regenerative properties are concentrated and focused on the area of concern.

iPRF intensifies the functioning and reproduction of cells, thus having a gentle, gradual yet long lasting and accumulative effect. Of course, i-PRF results are all the more impressive when incorporated into a treatment plan with hyaluronic acid fillers, wrinkle-relaxing treatments and other skin treatments. Producing virtually no downtime, this clinic based treatment can be used for skin and hair rejuvenation as well as treating problematic melasma and acne scars.

At least 2 procedure required, perhaps 3 – 4 procedures will be needed for successful result. On average 1 month time interval between procedures.


  • Consultation – 30.00 EUR
  • 1 Procedure – 150.00 EUR

How to apply?

Please e-mail us on: info@dentam.lv and attach your contact information (name, phone number) and we will get in touch.